DEPARTMENT OF TOURISM is looking for candidates to apply for Security Officer. The successful candidates will get paid a salary of R124 434 per annum (Level 03), excluding service benefits. The location is Pretoria.


A senior certificate in grade 12 and a PSIRA certificate in grade C. A minimum of two years’ experience in the relevant subjects is required. Basic Security Officers Training Working knowledge of the MISS document, capacity to read and execute security policies, directives, procedures, and prescripts, ability to give rapid answers to issues, administrative processes, verbal and written communication skills, ability to operate a computer and monitor CCTV Ability to organize and plan, as well as regulate visitors and workers. Ability to deal with difficult people and settle conflicts, as well as initiative and creativity


The selected applicant will be responsible for performing access control activities such as monitoring personnel movement, visitors, and contractors using CCTV, and controlling the movement of staff, visitors, and contractors. Confirm visitors’ appointments or the services they seek, and send them to the appropriate service delivery point. Assist in the completion of the admission control register and the issuance of admission control documents/cards as needed, run the X-Ray machine, lock and unlock entrances and doors, and maintain the safety of the building and the premises. conduct building patrols to locate and inspect for water leaks, fire dangers, exposed electrical contacts, and to turn lights on and off as needed; identify suspicious things and packages Facilitate access control in order to prevent unauthorized entrance or leave; create written reports of daily actions and irregularities; Vehicles entering and departing the site must be monitored and inspected. complete or guarantee the completion of the registers used to manage the movement of equipment, supplies, and documents; Handle documents at entrance points in accordance with categorization and prescripts; Make certain that all incidences are noted in the occurrence book/registers. Maintain an up-to-date record of all occurrences and reports in the occurrence book, visitors register, after-hours register, and mail/parcel register.


Mr R Benadie may be reached at 012 444 6144 if you have any questions.
APPLICATIONS: Applications must be addressed to the attention of the Chief Director: HR Management and Development at the Department of Tourism, Private Bag X424, Pretoria, 0001 or hand delivered to Tourism House, 17 Trevenna Road, Sunnyside, Pretoria, citing the appropriate reference number.
NOTE: Colored Male, Asian Male, and White Male applicants will be given preference.
DEADLINE: May 16, 2022, at 16:30 (Last-minute applications will not be accepted.)

NOTE: Applications must be submitted on a fully completed signed Z83 form, accompanied by all required copies (uncertified copies will be accepted when submitting your application, but candidates invited to interviews must bring certified copies) of qualifications, Identity Document, proof of citizenship/permanent residence if not an RSA citizen, and a comprehensive CV (including three contactable references).

It is the obligation of the applicant to get international credentials reviewed by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). All directions on the application form and in this advertisement must be followed. Failure to meet these standards will result in the applicants’ disqualification. Correspondence will be restricted to just those applicants who have been shortlisted.

Please acknowledge that your application was unsuccessful if you have not been contacted within three months of the closing date of this advertising. The Department maintains the right to refuse to schedule an appointment. To evaluate a person’s fitness for employment, short-listed applicants will be subjected to pre-employment screening and security verification. The pre-entry certificate is one of the SMS admission criteria. SMS applicants must complete the National School of Government Public Service SMS pre-entry certificate and submit a copy with their application.

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