Heineken’s Latest Opportunity: General Worker in Customer Service and Deliveries for 2024

Role Overview

In the dynamic world of Heineken, we’re excited to announce an opening for the General Worker position within our Customer Service and Deliveries department for the year 2024.

This role is essential in bolstering our distribution efforts, requiring the incumbent to undertake various manual tasks. The primary goal is to meet our distribution objectives efficiently, ensuring our esteemed products reach our customers both promptly and safely.


If you are in grade 12, consider applying for this retail job

Core Responsibilities:

  • Ensuring Product Integrity: Vigilantly report any product defects, damages, or inventory discrepancies to the driving personnel. Your keen eye helps us maintain our quality promise.
  • Innovation and Efficiency: Propose any new ideas or improvements to the management team that could enhance operational efficiency or reduce costs.
  • Load Management: Take charge of the meticulous loading and unloading of delivery sprinters, ensuring products are packed securely to prevent damage during transit.
  • Quality Assurance Compliance: Uphold our quality standards by identifying and rectifying any issues with product stacking, labeling, and packaging to reduce potential losses.
  • Product Handling: Treat all company products with care, adhering to handling guidelines to maintain their pristine condition.
  • Adherence to Instructions: Follow directives from the Driver, Logistics Controller, or Customer Services Supervisor closely to ensure smooth operations.
  • Load Security: Verify that all loads are securely fastened before departure to guarantee safe delivery.
  • On-Site Assistance: Engage in various on-site tasks, including trailer preparation and securing, to facilitate efficient loading and delivery processes.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Work closely with management and team members to address any job-related concerns or suggestions.
  • Maintenance of Work Environment: Contribute to the upkeep of designated work areas, ensuring a clean and safe environment.
  • Safety First: Abide by all health and safety regulations and wear provided personal protective equipment to prevent workplace accidents.
  • Vehicle Upkeep: Assist in maintaining the cleanliness and orderliness of delivery vehicles as required.
  • Ad-hoc Responsibilities: Be ready to undertake any additional tasks as directed by your supervisor, demonstrating flexibility and commitment.
  • Cost Efficiency: Actively participate in efforts to optimize operational costs through better asset utilization and continuous process improvement.

Desired Qualifications and Skills:

  • A minimum of a Grade 12 (Matric) qualification.
  • At least six months of relevant experience, with a preference for backgrounds in the alcoholic beverage sector.
  • Outstanding customer service capabilities.
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license suitable for delivery vehicles (Code EC/ PDP), with a commercial driver’s license being a distinct advantage.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • The ability to work well both independently and as part of a team.
  • Demonstrated safe and responsible driving.
  • Competency in managing delivery vehicles and handling product loads.
  • Physical fitness to meet the job’s demands.
  • Resilience under pressure and the capability to meet tight deadlines.
  • Flexibility to work after hours, and shifts, and adapt to varying schedules to support multiple deliveries in our fast-paced environment.

Join Our Team

Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey with Heineken? Apply now to become a pivotal part of our distribution team, delivering excellence and innovation in every task.

Seize the opportunity to contribute to our legacy of quality and service, ensuring Heineken continues to be enjoyed by customers worldwide.